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Do You Need A 4K UHD Computer Monitor?


Not long ago,  4K monitors were not a feasible option for the average consumer.   They were impressive, but just too expensive for the normal ‘joe’.  However, they were used extensively in the commercial industry for many years.  They served a great purpose for the medical field, governmental and business organizations.

Many of them have been on the market for several years now, but these high-definition devices weren’t the most obtainable because of their once-limited selection, exuberant cost, and overall crude performance.  They just were not ‘consumer-grade’ material yet.
4K UHD monitors

However, beginning in 2016 up until today, we have seen 4K monitors make some serious progress!  Especially since many 3,840 x 2,160-pixel displays (4K UHD)  are as gorgeous to look at as they are affordable.  We have researched the best of them and provided our results below.  Our goal at www.4KADVICE.com is to educate you in order that you make an informed purchase decision regarding 4K monitors as well as all other 4K equipment (UHD Televisions, etc.).

Our results range from value-based offerings to 32-inch behemoths outfitted with the best in factory calibration & specifications.   We only suggest that you make sure your computer can ‘drive’ a 4K monitor before you make the jump into the future of computing.

As far as PC Gaming,…these 4K UHD Monitors will blow your mind.  The graphics, depending on the specific game being displayed, are stunning & incredible.  4K monitors have changed the world of computing & gaming because of how crisp and clear the picture image is no matter what you are doing.


Best Recommended 4K Monitors (2016/2017)

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Dell P2715Q

This excellent 27-inch monitor from Dell boasts intuitive on-screen controls and a terrific ergonomic stand, not to mention UltraHD capabilities and a display that basks in wide viewing angles, strong color, and deep blacks. The image quality adjustments are not the most robust — you’ll have to opt for a more professional display for that — but the picture is great even without adjustment. Of all the 4K monitors available, this delivers the most bang for your buck, and it’s suitable for any use.

Acer S277HK

With a $700 retail price and a street price that often dips well below the $550 mark, Acer’s S277HK is one of the most affordable monitors on this list. But for that, it’s not lacking in quality: the default image is excellent, and if you need further tweaking there are plenty of variables to adjust. It’s also surprisingly attractive thanks to slim bezels and an unconventional and asymmetrical monitor stand. Of course, you’d best learn to love that stand. It’s not very adjustable, and there’s no option for a VESA mount.


HP Dreamcolor Z32X

This is not a monitor for gaming or watching movies, this is a monitor for professionals. The HP DreamColor boasts pitch-perfect color accuracy, and reproduces imagery with such high fidelity that it’s almost like peering out the window. The design is understated and utilitarian, however, and you’ll notice ghosting when anything is moving across the screen too fast. But those details won’t matter if you need accurate color reproduction and near-perfect gamma more than you need a high refresh rate. You have to pay for the picture quality, so this monitor is a better choice for video and photo professionals than everyday consumers.

4k monitor

Acer XB280HK

While Acer’s G-Sync enabled gaming monitor started at a lofty price tag of $800, it still impressed us with solid build quality, top-notch image quality, and a well curated feature set. The price has since dropped to under $700, and as it does, the XB280HK’s appeal grows. Nvidia GPU users can take advantage of the G-Sync variable refresh technology, and all gamers will appreciate the 1ms response time and sleek black bezel. If the Acer has an Achilles heel, its lack of inputs, offering only DisplayPort 1.2 in, as well as acting as a USB 3.0 hub. Still, it’s an attractive offering at an even better price, and a great choice for gamers looking to make the jump to 4K.

Asus PG27AQ

On the other side of the aisle, Asus presents the PG27AQ. This 27-inch 4K monitors boasts Nvidia’s G-Sync adaptive refresh technology, precise color accuracy after calibration, and both HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. The stand is also both sturdy and stylish, with built-in LEDs — which can be turned off — and full tilt, pivot, swivel, and lift action. It does cost a little more than the XB280HK and need a bit of tweaking to realize its full potential, but it ultimately offers a premium 4K gaming experience.

4K UHD MOnitor

Dell P2415Q

The Dell P2415Q is the smaller sibling of the 27-inch Dell P2715Q, but it’s no slouch when it comes to picture quality. Cut from the same cloth as the larger version, the P2415Q carries on the family name with a smaller form factor — and price tag — without compromising color accuracy or Dell’s signature clarity. Featuring slim, black bezels and a compact design, the P2415Q is an excellent choice for anyone looking to dip their toes into 4K before investing in one of the larger and much more expensive displays on our list.

4k uhd monitor

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In our expert opinion, we feel that the best deal above is the last monitor that we presented.  The  Dell P2415Q is priced perfectly and very affordable.  Its an amazing 4K monitor and one that we personally use in our home & business.  We purchased several of these Dell monitors from Amazon.com and got a great deal.

However, ALL of the 4K monitors provided above are fantastic and affordable depending on your needs.  Some are more capable than others, but you pay for what you get.

We hope that we have done our job by educating you about these 4K monitors.  Stay tuned, for updates about these monitors as well as other 4K topics on this site 4KADVICE.com.  We strive to provide helpful information about all things 4K.



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