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For all those of you who do not know what “4K” means….just remember one simple thing….Its NOT much different than your 1080 HD TV that you have at home.  4K refers to 4000 pixel resolution on an Ultra High Definition television.  Remember when we switched over from Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD) back in the early 2000s?  They introduced the flat panel TV and it was an amazing enhancement to our TV watching experiences.

You could now hang a flat panel TV on your wall and free up space in your family room.  You could even set your HD flat panel TV on your fireplace mantel and many consumers did just that!  It was a great upgrade from standard definition and those massive, deep, hideous box televisions that we have lived with for many decades.

Just like we went from SD to HD we are now going from HD to UHD.  What does this mean?  Great question….it simply means that we are adding the word “Ultra” onto the existing term HD—High Definition.  The reason why they did this was because they added an Ultra amount of pixels to the resolution of a 1080 HD.  Thus, giving us the word Ultra in the HD term that already existed. 4k ultra High Definition

We are now switching over to 4K Ultra High Definition televisions.  They are the same flat panel televisions that we currently have hanging on our walls.  They might be even slimmer and lighter, but overall you cannot tell the difference between a 1080 HD TV and a 4K UHD TV.  They appear the exact same.

However, there is one super, major difference with a 4K UHD TV.  The pixel resolution is FOUR times higher than a 1080 HD television.   That’s right!  Four times as many pixels in a 4K TV than what is in a 1080 HD.  And, it makes a huge difference to the quality of the picture image.  You will need to see it for yourself because describing it does not give it justice.  In words, we cannot explain how much better the picture is on a 4K Tv than a 1080 HD because the image on a 1080 HD was already very good and impressive.

Remember when we all upgrade to 720 or 1080 high definition televisions?  The picture was so crisp and clear that I could not believe my eyes at that time.  I was shocked!  It looked so real and clear that you could see fine details just like you would see with your bare naked eyes in person.  This was an amazing enhancement to the TV watching experience.

So, here we are…about 15 years later since the first flat panel HD television was introduced and we are making another upgrade.  This time the only change being made is in the pixel resolution number.  It makes total sense.  They have squeezed FOUR MORE tiny little pixels into what is equal to the size of ONE pixel in a 1080 HD TV.  That is four times as much data flowing through the TV display to make the picture image that much better.  Four times the color, clarity, contrast and depth now gives us a picture quality that is so real-to-life and true that you may as well be looing through a window at a real live TV set on scene.  The picture looks so real that its like the actors are standing in your family room.   You can see fine details just like you would in person in real life.  Wrinkles and pores, hairs and specs of dirt all appear on a 4K display.  Instead of looking at the large water fall, you can now see the tiny droplets spraying off the water wall.  Instead of looking at a sandy beach,..you can now see each tiny little spec of sand.

This is a serious enhancement to television even though the TVs themselves appear no different.  You should highly consider upgrading your HD TV now instead of waiting.  The prices are not coming down any further in general.  Manufacturers have said that they are now pricing their 4K TVs at the same level as the 1080 HD TVs.  This is because they want people to replace their 1080 HD TVs with 4K.  Therefore, they lowered prices to allow for more consumers to make the upgrade.

Furthermore, Amazon is trying to get rid of their 2016 stock therefore they have slashed prices on all 2016 models.  This sale will not last forever, so go and take advantage of it now.  Click on any of our Amazon links and go to their 4K store.  The best feature about Amazon aside from FREE 2-day guaranteed shipping, lower prices and large selections is that you can read countless reviews written by actual customers who purchased the same TV that you are interested in.  This will help to educate you so that you can make informed decisions.

The goal of this site at www.4KADVICE.com is to do just that….give people advice and information about 4K so they can make the right purchase decisions.  And, we make it convenient to click over to Amazon where we think they are the best place to buy 4K Televisions and other 4K gear.  We have done our homework and all the research to vet our other merchants online and offline.  Amazon is by far the best merchant to buy from especially if you wish to save hundreds of dollar in cost.

4k ultra high definition


If you wish to know more about 4K and its history, we welcome you to keep reading.  We have inserted part of our Page called 4K SCHOOL.  If you click this link, you can read the entire Page dedicated to educating the consumer before they make a television upgrade.

This may sound boring…(to go to “4K school”), but all we are trying to do is educate and inform you so that you can make the best informed decisions.  When it comes to investing in a new television or all the components that come along with it, it can be very costly.  Making an informed decision is the only way to go about these important purchases.  Watching television is one of America’s greatest past times.  Many people use TV as a form of stress-relief.  Mothers often rely on the television to keep their children occupied while they complete other home tasks.  Most of us learn about current events & other news while watching our TV set.  Heck, some of the most delicate and history making events are watched LIVE on TV in the comfort of our homes.  In November 2016, a world record was set for the highest number of consumers watching the election results live on the television!

4K televisions went on sale in the United States back around 2014.  I purchased my first Sony 4K TV in 2014 and paid about $2,800.  My TV was a 3D, 65 inch Sony 4K Smart television.  Since then, I have purchased numerous other 4K TVs in an effort to update my other HD TVs located in my home.  I am on the band-wagon to say the least.  I created this site in order to help other consumers get educated about 4K and all there is related to it.  Back in 2014 there was not a lot of information online about 4K TVs.  I performed my own research and did the best that I could to purchase the right 4K device for my family and at the best price.  At the time, 4K was brand new to the television industry therefore the prices were sky-high.  The new 4K ‘world’ experienced similar results as to what happened when the first “HD 720 & 1080” televisions first came out.  The prices start super high and then year(s) later they drop significantly.

Luckily for all of our sake, the cost to purchase a 4K television has dropped substantially since their introduction about 4 years ago.  Most of the U.S. population still does NOT have a 4K TV. Perhaps they recently updated to a SMART 1080p TV, or simply replaced their HD1080 TV with another less expensive, but more updated 1080 TV.  Either way, consumers are on the verge of making tremendous headway with obtaining 4K technology, but are not quite there yet.  By the end of 2016, statistics show that only 15% of the consumer population will own a 4K TV.

With that said, the outlook is bright!  Experts predict that approximately one in every eight North American homes will own an Ultra HD/4K TV before the end of 2016.  According to a report by Strategy Analytics, this eye-catching figure – which equates to more than 11 million North American homes – is the result of rapidly falling prices for 4K TVs and increased availability that’s seen shipments of 4K TVs to the region this year surge by more than 70%!  You can purchase a smaller 4K TV for under $400 dollars at some retailers.  This is great news.  Now, is the time to get in on the 4K movement.  Its well worth the money to be able to watch incredible, mind-blowing images in the comfort of your family room or media room.  4K picture quality is so good, that I often compare it to looking through a window.  Its as if you are looking out the window directly at whatever is on the screen.  Just as if you were there in person.  The detail is breathtaking on 4K.

The Strategy Analytics report also makes the point that North America’s penchant for very big TVs relative to other regions around the world has played a part in Ultra HD’s success there.  More than 80% of Ultra HD TVs shipped in 2015 were 50-inch or bigger, at the same time that big-screen TVs which don’t have Ultra HD native resolutions have been becoming increasingly hard to find as manufacturers switch production over to the higher resolution format.  This will also help to drive prices downward.

In fact, Strategy Analytics predicts that by 2020 all 40-inch and bigger TVs sold in North America will be Ultra HD – by which time, the report also suggests, almost half of all North American homes will own at least one Ultra HD TV.  Remember from our History Page, that the word “ULTRA” is what most manufacturers refer to as 4K resolution televisions.  This is what separates itself from the term “HD”. —–>  “UHD”  means Ultra High Definition (a.k.a. 4K resolution).  They basically mean the same thing.UHD 4k resolution

The figures reported give North America the highest levels of Ultra HD TV ownership anywhere in the world – though the report also stresses that when it comes to shipments  of Ultra HD TVs China is miles ahead of the pack, with as much as 25% of domestic shipments coming from such Chinese brands as TCL, Skyworth and Hisense.



  1. I bought my first 4K TV back in January and the quality of it is so clear. When I had went to Best Buy to look for a TV, they had a lot that were on sale and when I asked the sales rep why they were selling them at a low cost, he said that they were bringing in newer TV series and if you would have seen the cost of what they were selling for the older models, you would have ended up buying 3 TVs. But I guess its all about the quality and what the TVs can do that makes them the newer ones a higher value.

    1. Hi Martin, thanks for commenting and supporting our site in this way. We appreciate your interest in 4K Ultra HD Televisions.

      Congrats on already owning a 4K TV! Yes, its so clear when you watch real, native 4K movies and shows. These are the ones that were made by being filmed with 4K camera systems. Not 2K HD like what has been normal over past 15 years.

      WOW, really, does Best Buy still have these great deals. Amazon.com also has incredible deals on their 2016 models 4K for the same reason. Getting rid of stock.

      Thanks for the tip of BestBuy.


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?

  2. Wow. Someone tried to explain this to me a few weeks ago, and I understood Ultra and more pixels but that was about it. Your article filled in the blanks for me

    What actually came do mind while reading the blog is whether this is progressive technology? When we went from SD to HD the television needed an HD cable receiver and whatever else made it function as an HD tv.

    My ideation is: does this mean that communications companies will be keeping HD and adding UHD technology soon? Otherwise it would seem to me that we don’t get the full benefit of UHD. But it is obvious that HD is close to being obsolete.

    I am certain there is something I don’t quite understand, or am I overthinking it? Great information. Thank you.

    1. Hi Carole – thanks for commenting on our Post and supporting our site in this way. We are so glad that our articles finally helped you understand what 4K means.

      You are not alone. Most people don’t know what 4K is or what it means. Now you are a step ahead! 4K is really no different than your current flat panel 1080 HD TV. The difference as you know now is that it contains FOUR times as many pixels as 1080 does. And, it makes a huge difference. The picture is so real and true to life that its hard to believe.

      That is a great question about the network and communications companies and if they will keep HD but add UHD.

      From our research, we believe that the networks will keep HD for a long, long time. Not sure if forever, but at least another 5-10 years. The problem is that 4K holds a massive amount of data to be transferred from one place to another. So, the technology on the other end of 4K needs to improve to handle this.

      Right now, all you need is a cable called HDMI 2.0. Its an upgrade to an HDMI cord. As far as broadcasting, the History channel is already broadcasting some shows in 4K. If you had a 4K TV you could benefit. If not, you would only see what your TV resolution maxes out at, but you could still watch it.

      A lot of equipment must be changed to create real, native 4K content and this is very expensive to networks. All of their camera systems need to be 4K cameras upgraded from 2K cameras.

      It all comes down to the type of camera. To recap, the other technology (software, etc.) that is related to 4k must be bettered before the networks go mainstream with 4K broadcasts. Plus, the networks must purchase 4K camera systems and swap them out for the current 2K cameras. This is costly and why it might take 5 or more years.

      Networks broadcast in HD right now. They have two types of content. Their own content that they produce like news shows etc. and then the TV shows they show on their channel. It is easier for them to broadcast a 4K-made Tv show through their channel than it is for them to upgrade all of their 2K cameras to 4K cameras and produce a native 4K show etc.

      But, they are beginning to do all of this. The entire industry is moving in the direction of 4K…is the best way to sum it up. But, it will take a while…years. HD is not going away anytime soon. 4K will be implemented as fast as possible but there are current limits with software and equipment and technology that must be updated first.

      Wonderful question and it has caused us to go and do more research. Well Done. Thanks for contributing. – MB.

  3. Wow. I feel like I can be a 4KTV salesperson now. The amount of information you shared is impressive. Its actually easy to understand. The pace that technology evolve makes me not want to upgrade my TV until it is broken because I could be buying the most up to date technology today but then it will be obsolete in 2 years.Well, chasing the latest model of a device will be endless and expensive.Unless money is out of the question, then we can be upgrading whenever a new model comes up. You have a very good, informative Review!

    1. Hi Lilibeth – Thanks for commenting and supporting our site in this way. Very glad to hear that our information on our site has educated you! That is our goal. To teach consumers about 4K TVs so that they can make informed purchase decisions when they go to upgrade their TV.

      Thanks again for your encouragement and appreciation of our site. YES, with technology it seems to move so fast that devices are obsolete in no time at all. However, if you can remember when we switched over from standard definition TVs (which were those huge, heavy, deep, ugly tube boxes) back in the early 2000s to High Definition TVs (720 and 1080 HD ) …HD has lasted more than 15 years. Most households currently own a tleast one 1080 HD TV. Soon, everyone will upgrade to 4K since this is the technology that is replacing 1080 HD TV tech.

      Therefore we are assuming that 4K is here and here to stay. 4K TVS will be around for at least another 15 years. We are not sure if we will ever see anything better than 4K (4000 vertical pixels) resolution. Since it already gives us an incredibly real-looking and true-to-life image…I mean how much better can it get!?! How more real can the picture look to the human eyes.

      The 4K picture image already looks close to what you would see in real life with your bare naked eyes. Its amazing and really makes TV fun to watch. Its more fun on a 4K because of all the detail you can see. You cant see this much even on a 1080 HD TV. Like rain droplets in a water fall or grains of sand on a beach. Its all visible on a 4K display and simply awesome to watch. Here are some other helpful Posts. Thanks again, Matt B.



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  4. Hi Matt,
    You will find this shocking but my husband and I just finally got a flat screen TV this week! Yes, until now we had a box TV! My husband hated it and wanted a new TV for years. We finally got a 4K.

    Netflix etc looks amazing on it! I am disappointed that regular cable TV channels look so fuzzy though. I hope everything upgrades soon so we can take advantage of the clear new TV!

    1. Hello SwanGirl! Thanks for your comment and supporting our site http://www.4KADVICE.com in this way. You have helped to encourage others to comment as well.

      Congrats on your 4K TVS…you more than anyone know what we are talking about when we describe 4K TVS and how good they are.

      Yes, there is some disappointment and confusion without being educated about 4K content. Not everything you watch is true 4K. Your 4K TV (because all of them do this) do what is called UPSCALING which automatically digitally enhances any HD 720 or 1080 (minimum) picture being shown. However it cannot upscale it all the way up to full 4K. Its somewhere in between. This makes most of what you watch better than the original resolution that it was filmed in.

      But, since not everything is in 4K it can be disappointing when you watch expecting it to be so. Thanks, MB>

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

  5. I am one of the few that did not know about 4K or UHD. If you watch a lot of movies I am sure having this upgrade would make all the difference. I am curious now and look forward to seeing this in action. We just had our regular cable lines switched out to Optic so not sure if that would also make a difference with the 4K.

    1. Actually, you are more normal than you think. We have found that MOST people do not know what “4K” is or what it means. Only 20% of households have upgraded to a 4K TV. When you do go to upgrade it will most likely be a 4K UHD TV that you buy since 4K is totally replacing 1080 HD TVs. 4K is mostly what you see advertised on and off line since they are indeed replacing 1080 HD TVs which have been around since early 2000s.

      4K pictures are astounding. So real and true to life looking that its hard to believe!

      Fiber optics will FOR SURE help you receive a better 4K image and faster speeds. Do you have 4K? It will benefit you when or if you ever upgrade to a 4K TV.

      Thanks for posting and supporting our site http://www.4KADVICE.com in this way. Here are some more helpful Posts. Matt B.





  6. Very Interesting article. I am one of those that did not understand the UHD and the difference it makes. I think sometimes you have to see it to appreciate the value and what you are getting. We just had our cable lines upgraded to optic but not the new TV yet. I am thinking if you watch a lot of movies having the UHD would be on anyone’s wish list. Thanks again, and now, of course, I want to go and see the difference with my own eyes. Thank you for clarifying it all so well.

    1. Yes, you do need to actually see a real 4K movie on a 4K Ultra HD TV to fully know how incredible and real-looking it is. It is so true-to-life and appears to look like exactly what you would see with your bare naked eyeballs in person. It really does. But that is hard to explain and convince some people. Thanks for commenting and sharing our site http://www.4kadvice.com with your friends and family to help them learn and BEFORE they buy a new Tv. – Matt B.

  7. Thanks for all the information about the 4000 pixel resolution TV. I didn’t know that such high resolution had become available. It is even more amazing that you can get all that extra enhancement for the same price that they used to sell a 1084 HD set for just a short time ago. I wonder what’s next. I wish we had the 4K resolution set available when I was watching the first moon landings in 1969.

    1. Hi Mark – thanks for reading our Post and making a comment. This helps to support our site and encourage others to comment as well.

      You are NOT alone….many people do not know what 4K is or what it means. They don’t know that there is another option instead of a 1080 HD TV. 4K TVs are replacing 1080 HD TVs entirely. Everyone will own one or some eventually whenever they do to upgrade their 1080 HD TV. If you look, most of what is being advertised and marketed by stores and merchants are 4K UHD TVs.

      Just like 1080 HD replaced Standard Definition (SD) Tvs back in early 2000s, so is 4K Ultra HD replacing High Definition today. 4K has been on shelves for about 3 years now. Prices are equal to 1080 HD TV prices which was done on purpose by manufacturers to speed up the upgrading process by consumers to 4K.

      No kidding, a much better resolution for watching moon landing would have been incredible at that time. Well, they have probably digitally enhanced the moon landing video today and you can now see it in a much, much higher resolution. Good luck and here are some more informational posts below. — MB>


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


  8. Excellent post very simple to understand what goes into a 4k tv and the difference between a 4k and a 1080 tv
    i always thought a 4k tv was super more expensive than a 1080 tv but reading your article i had no idea that some are the same price as a regular one so it was definitely informative to read

    1. Hi Marquis – Thanks for commenting about our Posts and coming to our site http://www.4KADVICE.com. We appreciate your input.

      We are mostly glad that we provided you helpful information about 4K. Most people do not know what “4K” is or what it means. Thus, the need for our site to help educate them BEFORE they upgrade their television.

      Many consumers think that 4K technology and devices are some kind of exotic, special equipment or ‘toy’ that only the super rich people buy.

      This is obviously NOT TRUE whatsoever. 4K is replacing 1080 HD TV just like HD replaced Standard Definitoin back in early 2000s.

      A year or 2-3 ago prices were sky high for a 4K TV. That was when we bought our first SONY 4K 65inch in Amazon. Even though we paid the highest steep price, we still saved over $300 on Amazon compared to inside a store like BestBuy. We shopped and compared prices. Amazon is the best place to buy 4k for many reasons so you can use our convenient Amazon links throughout our site when or if you become ready to upgrade to 4K.

      Here are some other helpful Posts that might interest you! Thanks Again, — MB.

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?




  9. 4K TVs are the next step up from 1080 HD. I don’t own a 4K tv yet as I am still happy with my Samsung HD tv. I have seen tv from a 4K tv and the picture quality is exceptional. There are now 4K HDR TVs which the colours are more vibrant.

    1. Yep, that is right.  4K UHD TVs are the next step above 1080 HD. They are actually FOUR times as many pixels in its 4K resolution than a 1080 HD.  This makes the picture image simply incredible to watch.

      YEs, 4K UHD HDR are the top of the top and the best of the best 4K TVs.  Most 4K TVs nowadays have HDR, but that wasn’t the case a few years ago when I bought my Sony 4K. it does not have HDR.

      You know your stuff, Sir.  Thanks for reading our Post and Please share our site with others so we can educate them about 4K BEFORE they buy another TV.  Don’t buy another 1080 HD TV!! – MB>

  10. My biggest problem is with all the changing technology, I never know when to make the “leap” without becoming outdated immediately. You make it pretty clear that the pricing is where it is and that the opportunity for an upgrade seems to be now. Thanks for the information. It also helped clear up for me the difference between 1080p and 4K. I didn’t have any idea.

    1. Hi Todd, thanks for reading our post and commenting on our site http://www.4kadvice.com.

      You are welcome.  That is our goal to educate people BEFORE they buy another TV.

      Yes, I hear you about the ever-changing technology. Some people are saying they are waiting because tech changes so much they don’t want to buy only to be obsolete soon thereafter.

      Although I understand this viewpoint, I don’t believe it applies to 4K TVs.  TVs in general last 5-7 years for consumers.  That is a long time. Unless it breaks.

      If you look at HD which came out in early 2000s…its been around for over 17 years now without much change.

      4K UHD is replacing 1080 HD and is the next step above 1080 HD, therefore we are assuming that it will do the same thing as HD.  4K will remain for at least another 15 years or longer.  This is why its oK to buy now and start enjoying it.

      4K is here and here to stay.  Nothing will replace 4K UHD anytime soon.

  11. great content,i never know 4k has something to do with pixel.i was thinking its a type of tv i havent heard anything about.i love high pixel tv cos i play HD video games and love to watch HD movies.i have learnt more about your post thanks.for the englightment.i look through the reccomended one on amozon and see if i could afford to buy it. 😛

    1. Jeremy =- 4K Ultra HD TV are terrific for gaming.  The graphics are so much better on a 4K TV than not on one.  This is one bug reason to buy 4K now and start gaming.  This is what I have done.  Its amazing to just watch anything on my Sony 4K UHD TV because its so defined, real looking and true-to-life.  Good Luck – MB.

  12. I was JUST talking with a fellow technician on what on earth “4K” actually meant so it’s ironic I just came across this. Before our conversation he OBVIOUSLY stopped here first lol but on a side note, I didn’t even realize flat panels were introduced in 2000..Wow, now we have curved panels which I feel are a bit awkward but just one person’s opinion. In so many words, 4K’s are very similar to 1080 is what I’m gathering from the info above but I’m sure my friend will find SOMETHING different to point out. You pretty much covered all the questions I had for this post, great information here and thank you for it.

    1. Hi Jaron – thanks for reading our Post and taking the time to comment at http://www.4KADVICE.com

      Many people have no idea what “4K”  is or what it means.  So you are not alone.

      I bet your colleague DID visit our site first before telling you what 4K is!!

      Yea, 4K TVs are no different than the 1080 HD flat panels.  They all look the exact same. You would not know difference by looking.

      4K is replacing 1080 HD just like HD replaced Standard Definition.  The big difference with 4K is that it contains FOUR times as many pixels in its resolution than a 1080 HD TV does.  And it makes a HUGe difference when you add in the HDR feature of most 4K TVs which has to do with color.

      a 4K Tv image look so real that it will blow your mind.  Its like what you would see if you were in person with your naked eyeballs.  that is how real the resolution is with 4K. It makes watching any 4K movies or show so much better because of all the details you can see which you cannot see on 1080 HD or less.  its worth buying a 4K TV and enjoying now since prices are now the same as 1080 HD TVs are priced at.

      And, there is plenty of 4K UHD content to watch nowadays. You can stream, 4K movies on Netflix or Amazon.  Here are some other helpful posts and good luck.  You can use our Amazon links to go to Amazon to shop for 4K there.  That is where we bought our first Sony 4K UHD TV.  We saved over $300 bucks by using Amazon.  – MB.


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


      1. Nice Matt!! Yeah I was told you can see face pores on those 4k monitors lol. Also, I appreciate the Amazon links, I usually go to Amazon to review products anyway before buying anything on and offline.

        Thanks again Matt!

  13. Hi matty. Really good content here. Actually I have always wondered off what is a 4k tv and how does it differ from the hd one. but I really got the answer today and I am happy with it.
    And i was planning to have one soon. Would you suggest the best in the market?

    1. Hello, thanks for commenting on our site at http://www.4KADVICE.com and supporting us in this way.  Please share our site so that we can help other people make better decisions on their TV buying experience when they need to.

      We would say that SONY is the best 4K TV since they were the first ones to pioneer the 4K technology.  We bought our first Sony 65 inch 4K UHD TV on Amazon and got the best deal.  We recommend you shop on Amazon for the largest selection and lowest prices.  They ship for FREE within 2 days as well.  You can locate our Amazon links within our Posts or on our right side bar.

      Actually, many other companies make great 4K UHD HDR TVs.  Vizio, Panasonic, Samsung and LG are the best of the best to choose from.  We just decided to go with Sony and we have ZERO regrets.

      Prices are right.  It is the same price to buy a 1080 HD TV that it is to buy a 4K UHD Today so it makes no sense to buy another 1080 HD when you can enjoy a TV with FOUR times as many pixels and FOUR times better higher quality resolution than 1080 HD. You will love your new 4K TV.  Please use our links to take you over to Amazon where you can also read reviews from real customers who bought the same 4K TV that you are interested in buying.  Thank You Very Much,  Matt B.   (here are some other posts you might like below)


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)


  14. Ok, so 4k is definitely taking over and I have to admit the picture is extremely nice. So I have looked and listened to those that have bought them but haven’t really found an answer to the questions I have had. I remember when 60″ TV’s came out and everyone wanted one. A big problem with them I didn’t care for was the Black Spots in the screen or Fading. Do the 4k’s have this problem?

    1. There are no issues with black spots or fading with 4K UHD TVs because of how high the pixel count is.  With over 8 million pixels there is no space for fading or black spots.

      Has there been much of a problem with black spots and fading with HD Tvs lately?  I think they got this issue figured out because I have not heard of this problem anytime recently.

      Thanks for reading our Post and taking the time to comment.  Come back to our site for more information when you are ready to buy another television.  – Matt B.

  15. This is an extremely informative and helpful blog! I had no idea that TV’s were making such an amazing addition! I was completely clueless about 4K and feel now I can understand and be able to purchase a new TV with confidence. I am also concerned though about the connections from the cable TV and the TV itself. Does that effect the quality of the picture being seen? And if the networks aren’t producing UHD programs, what is the point in buying one now? Seems like it might make more sense to wait until everybody got up to speed, but maybe I’m wrong! I enjoyed your blog and will keep checking in, thanks!

    1. THANK YOU for your support by commenting on our Post and Site at http://www.4KADVICE.com

      Well, we were surprised also to see what 4K was about 3 years ago when we first saw a demo in a store.  I was blown away at how crisp and sharp and real looking the picture image was on a 4K TV.  I HAD TO HAVE ONE.  We paid a steep price for our first SONY 4K UHD TV on Amazon but because we shopped on Amazon we also saved more than $300.  It was free delivery and it was safe and guaranteed.  Delivered right into our family room.

      We shop on Amazon for basically everything nowadays including new 4K TVs.  Largest selection, lowest prices and most convenient.  Feel free to use any of our Amazon links on Right Side Bar or within some of our Posts to go shopping and read honest reviews from other customers who bought the same product you are interested in.  You cannot get real reviews from other customers inside the store.

      Good question and today we have upgraded cords for 4K UHD only called HDMI 2.0 cords.  These connect your 4k TV to any cable box or satellite or 4K UHD Blu-ray player.  As long as its the 2.0 version of HDMI there is not problem with the picture image.  We use our normal satellite box and our 4K TV upscales all 720 and 1080 HD films being played on.  It makes the picture of these HD movies and shows look much better. But, some are not full 4K.

      To get the best out of your 4K TV you need to watch films that were made using 4K resolution camera systems.  More and more producers are making films with the latest 4K cameras.  All the new movies and shows are now being done in 4K since they know that consumers are upgrading to 4K UHD TVs more than ever before.  Soon, everyone will own 4K and it will have replaced HD.

      Some network channels have already started broadcasting some material in 4K UHD. The History channel last month showed an entire series in UHD 4K.  If you had a 4K Tv then you benefited from it.  If not, then you probably didn’t know that it was in 4K because what you would have seen would be whatever resolution that your TV maxes out at.  usually 1080 HD.

      Slowly more networks will broadcast in UHD 4K.  Some sporting events today are in UHD also.

      You could wait, but in our opinion and my direct experience, there is plenty of UHD 4K content to justify owning and using a 4K UHD Tv today. 

      And, we bought our Sony 4K 3 years ago and even at that time…we felt there was plenty of 4K content to watch.  With Netflix, Amazon and VuDu, YouTube all having departments within their memberships that only contain UHD content…it was well worth it.

      Also, these same streaming companies a few years ago announced that they were going to produce their very own Tv show series.  This is the greatest enhancement to TV watching because they are filming them in UHD 4K using 4K cameras.  Netflix alone has over 40 different TV shows series that are in UHD and Amazon has at least as many.  Surprisingly, these streaming shows are very well done. Acting is top-notch and plots are fantastic!!  With no commercials and the fact that they usually release an entire series at one time…you could sit and watch these UHD 4K films all day long all year long.  There is plenty of them in UHD to watch.

      That doesn’t even include all the HD movies that are on Netflix and Amazon that were digitally enhanced from 2K to 4K and labeled 4K.  They are not full, real, native 4K made movies or shows, but they are a heck of a lot better than 1080 HD format.  Plus, you can gain access to all the original UHD produced using 4K camera content that these streaming services provide.

      We are moving to a full take over of 4K resolution for our TVs and content that we watch.  Soon, Ultra High Definition will be the norm, Or standard JUST LIKE HD took over SD – Standard Definition back in the early 2000s.

      We compare UHD 4K technology to how HD replaced SD.  And HD has lasted more than 17 years.  We expect UHD 4K to do the same and last at least 20 years.  By having HDR within all 4K UHD TVs today, which is required when they build them, this makes the picture image look even more real and true-to-life.  HDR is “high dynamic range’ having to do with color gamut.  HDR allows the picture to produce an endless amount of colors, to match exactly what the camera captured in real life. Whereas, without HDr, the 4K image was still incredible, but was limited to the white-to-black color gamut.  HDR has over a million colors to make sure the picture image matches the real live scene it captured.  Far more colors than without HDR on a TV.

      Thanks again and good luck.  The time is now to buy and start enjoying a 4K UHD Tv.  The image will blow your mind it is so real with so many details.   – MATT B>

      WHAT IS HDR?                BUY NOW! – 4K MOVIES GALORE



  16. Awesome site! I had no idea there was so much wonderful information when it comes to picking a tv. Your article really brought it home for me. I am definitely interested in a 4K tv now!

    Nice read! I know where im coming when its time for an upgrade.. 🙂

    1. Hello, Thanks for commenting on our Post and supporting our site http://www.4kadvice.com in this way.  We appreciate your thoughts!

      Yes, we didn’t realize how much goes into picking a TV, but its a BIG purchase for a family or single person. Its a lot of money and TV can last 5-7 years so its an important decision. This is why we wanted to help inform people about this new 4K Technology so they don’t make a mistake and buy another 1080 HD TV. 

      4K TV are replacing 1080 HD and soon everyone will have one.

      5 AWESOME 65-INCH 4K UHD TVs


  17. 4K Ultra HD must be all the rage right now. 4k Ultra and 4k is what all the action cameras such as Go-Pro and the likes are advertising with their products. I wouldn’t know 4K if it was on the screen in front of me right now but I know that all the camera products I have bought and or reviewed lately have all said 4k Ultra. So there must be some type of market for people who want 4k ultra hd tv’s in their homes.

    1. Hello Scooter !

      We appreciate your comment on our Post and thanks for supporting our site at http://www.4kadvice.com.  PLEASE, please click on our RIGHT SIDE BAR ads and help us in this way.  We are happy to do the same for you and your site(s) if you can send me your site address.  We should help each other.

      Yes, 4K is not really visible in any device…unless you know what you are buying.  a 4K TV looks the exact same as a 1080 HD TV.  Same with cameras.  But, more and more devices are now 4K with the higher pixel count. Here are some other helpful Posts, Thanks again, MATT B>


      WHAT IS HDR?

  18. Recently, I have wanted to know what does a 4k tv mean since I started seeing 4k definition options in some YouTube videos. I did a comparison test between 1080 and 4K resolutions and the difference was incredible; camera and character movements which were slightly blurry in 1080 were now much more defined. I would have liked to use the 4k feature of YouTube more often; but sadly, the high bandwidth usage make 4k videos run too slow.

    I suspected that more pixels were used to make the resolution used in 4k. This was finally confirmed after reading your post saying that 4k uses 4 times the pixels used in 1080 HD. I am planning to wait a bit more into the future before deciding on buying a 4k tv since it is relatively new and there isn’t enough market competition to drive the prices down.

    1. Hello Bobby, thanks for reading our Post and supporting our site at http://www.4kadvice.com by commenting.

      Please click on our Ads on the RIGHT SIDE BAR if you can and we would be forever grateful to you. We are happy to do the same for your site(s) if you send me your site address. We will use your links and help your site too.

      Please come back to our site when you are ready to buy a 4K UHD TV and read our reviews. We will steer you to the best deals which are usually on Amazon.  Amazon has Free shipping and the lowest prices which is why we bought our 65 inch SONY 4K UHD Smart TV on Amazon and saved more than $300.  Here are some other Posts that talk price and size that might be helpful in the future for you. Thanks, Matt B.


      5 AWESOME 65-INCH 4K UHD TVs

  19. Wow! You are right about Amazon pricing on the 4K’s. You can get a 2016- 55′ for $550. That is a great deal compared to Best Buy. I have been considering a new 4K, but have not compared pricing until today. Thanks for providing this information. I am ready to purchase a new TV.

    1. Hi Deborah – Thanks for reading our Post and taking the time to comment and support our site http://www.4kadvice.com on this way.  We really appreciate your support.  Please click on our Ads as well on the right side bar and use our Amazon links. We are happy to do the same for your sites.

      You are welcome and here are some other Posts that talk about pricing and display size.  Amazon is the best and most convenient place. We saved over $300 on amazon and our 4K TV was delivered right to our Door.


      5 AWESOME 65-INCH 4K UHD TVs

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)

  20. Well thank you so much for your great explanation of 4k TV’s Matthew !
    Ive had the same TV for about 10yrs …and yes it up on the wall …but its still 10 yrs old and every so often it has a little “turn” which indicates to me that it is , like me , feeling the effects of ageing! It recovers enough for me to forget about it until the next time it happens!
    So…I’m in the market for a new TV and there’s nothing more dis-empowering than going to a store uninformed and having the salesperson bamboozle you with technology ! I invariably come out with either nothing or something I bought just because I needed a new TV and I was sick of trying to decide …no because I knew that it was the best for me at the time !
    I now feel like (once I read your info again!) I will “get” the whole 4K thing and come home with a TV that I love AND one that I know a fair bit about !
    Well done !

    1. Hi Bella,  for starters I must compliment you on your name “Bella”.  We love this name and named our daughter it.  Beautiful name!

      Thanks for commenting on our site at http://www.4KADVICED.com and supporting us in this way.  Our goal is to educate people about 4K so they can make informed decisions when they go to upgrade.  It is very encouraging to know that we are doing our job based on what you said.  This keeps us going.

      We prefer Amazon.com to make purchases.  We bought our first Sony 4K UHD TV on Amazon and saved over $300 back in 2014.  It was convenient to say the least.  It was delivered to our door in 2 days with free, guaranteed, safe shipping.  Amazon has the largest selection at the lowest prices.  They truly do.  MOre consumers are buying products online these days which is why brick and mortar stores are closing.  You cant beat convenience.

      Best of all, you can read honest, real reviews on Amazon from other customers who bought the same 4K TV that  you might be interested in. You cant get that in the store.  Feel free to use our Amazon links to go and do your shopping.  In turn , this does help to support our information site also.  Here are some more helpful Posts.  Thank you and please come back to our site for more information in the future.  – Matt B.




  21. I was unaware of 4k televisions. Thank you for the informative article. But I must say I miss the old tube tv. I could watch tv without glasses. Now with all these changes I don’t get a break anymore and have to wear glasses to watch tv.

    I am going to look into these 4k’s to see if maybe this will make it so I can watch without the glasses. Here’s hoping!

    1. Hi Katie!  – You are NOT alone as most people are not aware of 4K or what it means.  That is where our site 4KADVICE.com comes into play.  We created it because we didn’t know what it was a few years ago and could NOT find any helpful information about 4K online. We saw the need and created this site. Please share it so that we can reach other people.

      Use our helpful Amazon links to research and buy products. You can read honest reviews from other customers who bought the same 4K TV.  You cant do that in the store.  Here are some more helpful Posts.  Thank you and please come back to our site for more information in the future.  – Matt B.

      4K REPLACES 1080 HDTVs


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