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4K Drones Are Getting Hot!

As we all know, drones have become popular over the past few years.  Really popular!  This past Christmas 2016, drones were one of the most purchased Christmas Gifts online.  There are drones of all sizes and shapes.  They range from tiny handheld drones in the palm of your hand up to drones the size of a table.

Either way, people love drones because they are exciting and allow for better photography shots and videos.  With this said, manufacturers are now combing 4K technology with drones.  We could not think of a better idea than this!

We are so excited about 4K drones here at 4KADVICE.COM that we purchased one.  Well, that is a bit of a stretch.  We did indeed buy a new 4K Drone, however we will not actually receive it until June 2017.  The reason is that we purchased this drone through a ‘kickstarter’ like program online.  We supported this new technology by making the ‘early-bird’ investment purchase.

The name of the ‘kickstarter’ type website is INDIEGOGO.  It works exactly like Kickstarter does by asking interested consumers to pre-purchase an item.  In this way, they use the funds collected to continue with their prototype creation and finalization of the technology.  Its a genius way to invent something awesome.  Many inventors have great ideas, but they do not have the funding to create the product from beginning to end.  Inventors do not have the resources to test the product, build the product, research the product, advertise the product and ultimately mainstream produce the product for the masses.

Therefore, what better way to raise funds in order to complete your invention by asking interested people to support you by involving your money.  In turn, the buyer gets an outstanding price on the final item.  This is usually at least 50% off or more…just for believing in the product and investing in its future.  Usually the buy has to wait several months to possibly years depending on where in the cycle the product is.

In this case, we bought into this 4K Drone in the later stage and we don’t have to wait that long before receiving the final product.  If you like drones, we suggest you get in on this sooner than later.  Eventually, they will stop accepting pre-buys and put the product up for sale with a top-price.

This is exactly what we purchased.  Be advised that Indiegogo has several other drones up for sale.  You want this one!

Kudrone: 4K Camera Nano-Drone With GPS Auto-Follow

  • Palm-Sized Drone With GPS Auto-Follow and 4K Camera With Panoramic Shots For Precision Photography


Allow us to tell you!  For starters, its one of the first 4K drones on the market.  It has been designed in a genius way.  We think the sixe of this particular drone is perfect for flying.  Its not too small and not too large.  Too small or too large means that it is more difficult to fly.

Furthermore, this drone has features that make it possible for ANYONE to fly using their smart phone.  It contains “Auto-follow” and “precision vision positioning”.  This drone will actually follow you without you having to deal with any controls on your phone.  Imagine riding your bike with your smart phone in  your pocket….your drone is flying behind you just high enough to capture the most amazing 4K videos and still photos.  You do nothing except ride your bike and look cool.

4k drone auto follow feature


Here are some other important features of this 4K Drone called the “KuDrone”:

4K features of drone

This is an actual photo (below) taken from this 4K Drone called Kudrone:

4K drone actual shot


The best feature in our minds is the hands-free Auto-Follow shown below:


4k Drone auto follow


Best of all….this 4k Drone is for EVERYONE:

4k drone for everyone


4K drone


If you wish to get involved in this 4K Drone- KuDrone Click on the link below:

Kudrone: 4K Camera Nano-Drone With GPS Auto-Follow

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  1. I like to ‘practice what I preach’ so we actually bought this 4k drone. The price was right since it was about half off for pre-ordering it. in the low $100 I thought it was worth it. If its as good as they say it is, in June when I get it…I will fly it behind me while I wakeboard behind out boat. It has an auto follow feature that will follow the GPS of a smart phone.,
    Now, all I need is a water proof sack to put my smart phone in while I am in the water wakeboarding.

  2. Another cool article Matty. Am I crazy or did drones and this whole new era of technology available to the public just come out of nowhere in the last 18-24 months? I would love to have a drone myself but like I keep saying, I might wait a few years for the technology to advance. Blows my mind that those things will track and follow you now with your phone.

    1. Hi Lorenzo, No you are certainly NOT crazy and YES these drones and other fast technology did just surface as fast as could be. Its liked technology is moving faster than fast. As if technology itself has sped up the process of new technology. Its crazy. Thanks for commenting and showing support to our Post and site. We are striving to write the best articles and provide helpful information to consumers.

      A few years ago when I first saw a 4K Ultra HD TV demo in a store, I could not believe it! The picture image was so awesome and crisp and clear that it looked real. It appeared as so I was looking through a window at a live scene of a set. The actors faces were so real and clear that you could see pores and wrinkles unlike anything I had ever seen watching TV in the past.

      Switching from standard definition analog which are the TVs that we have had since the 1930’s,, you know the HUGE massive and deep tube TvS left us *thank God) in early 2000. We upgraded to 720 and 1080 HD – High Definition flat panels. This is what you probably own right now as do I still have some of my HD TVs. However, tech made TV watching even better than 1080 HD. To be exact, its FOUR times better picture image than 1080 HD. And, it makes a huge difference when you watch a 4K Ultra HD TV in action.

      If you plan to upgrade your 1080 HD TV that you watch right now, you should only consider a 4K TV and NOT another 1080 HD flat panel. The reason is that soon all TVs will be replacing 1080HD with 4K TVs. All movies and shows will be filming in 4K camera systems. Just like we changed from standard definition (SD) to 1080 High Definition, now we are changing from 1080HD to 4K ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION. And, its awesome.,

      Below are some other Posts that you might enjoy. Please share our Post on Facebook so we can reach others if possible. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. – Matt B.



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  3. Great article. It’s amazing how popular drones have become just this past year but aside from the fun aspect of them, I hear all too often of them causing problems with aircraft. A concern of mine is, how can we protect ourselves from spying via use of a drone?
    The 4k drone is great for certain sports like skiing. How fast can it go? For example, I’ve raced my 1965 Porsche 911 on road tracks all over the country and wonder if this drone could keep up with me. The video would be outstanding to watch.

    1. Hello Karen, we appreciate you commenting about our Post and taking the time to read it. We also ask if you could share our Post and Site on Facebook or with friends so that we can reach more people and educate them about this new 4K technology before they make an TV upgrade. Our site not only covers 4K drones, but 4K televisions and cameras.

      Regarding the Porsche, NO WAY could most drones keep up with it. Great question and maybe in the future, but drones are more like Helicopters versus planes or jets. They float and go slow versus bullet straight ahead. This is mostly because there is filming or still pictures being taken from the drone in most cases. You can fly them for fun, but many times professionals use them for traffic control, news, business like filming houses for a realtor.

      However, I bet that there is a drone out there that might be able to fly higher and film a broader moving picture image of your race.

      I cant help but say that I am amazed that you brought up your 911 in this comment. Its like you can read minds. I am a Porsche enthusiast to the core! I own a 911 and a Cayenne. My Cayenne is my favorite because its a Turbo S. I absolutely LOVE driving it and I have taken it off road as well. More like Rally off road than hard core mountain steeps. My car is modeled off the Transsyberia Cayenne! Its good to know another Porsche lover. I love the 911 of any year. They are the best cars and best to drive out of all.

      We should create a Porsche Lovers Blog! Or do you have one already? thanks again, M.B>

  4. Hello

    Nice article on 4K drones, drones have become extremely popular I see people with them all the time. I know very little about these drones, they are pretty neat wish I was a kid again to ask Santa for one for Xmas. Which drone would you recommend for a 6 year old little boy, my nephew has been wanting one but no one knows which one to get him?

    1. Hi Jeffrey, thanks again for commenting on our Site and sharing our Post on facebook…if you don’t mind. We are trying to reach as many people as we can to educate them about 4K technology including Drones and televisions.

      Do you own any drones yet? I know you have little experience, but honestly, drones are NOT just for kids. I am 4o years old and I love my drones. I have 4 drones and have crashed them. They are fun to fly. Better yet, I have made money with my drones. I have flown them over properties with a camera that is built into it and created a video for a realtor. Therefore they can serve many purposes.

      Regarding your nephew, I also bought my 2 nephews drones this past Christmas. I used Amazon to buy them because Amazon has such great selection and lowest prices. Free shipping and its all guaranteed.

      You can get a starter drone for a boy for about $40 on sale. They are not expensive and easy to fly. Any newer drone starter beginner would work for him. Below is a link to a drone that would work well for you (and him).


      Good Luck and please come back to our site for updated information. mB>

  5. I flew a drone once and it’s actually a lot more difficult than it looks. I’ve also watched youtube videos from the likes of guys like Casey Neistat who take the most incredible Drone shots. Are there any particular drones you would recommend to a beginner though? I’m thinking of taking up drone photography as a hobby but there are so many drones on the market that I’m not sure which one would be best for an amateur like me.

    1. Good day to you. Thank you for commenting on our Post and we ask that you please SHARE our Post on facebook in order that we can reach more people and educate them about 4K Ultra HD TVS so they can make informed decisions.

      4K technology does not stop with 4K televisions. Of course, 4K means better cameras, video recorders, smart phone, monitors and DRONES.

      I totally understand what you mean about drones. There are so many out right now and the technology for drones is only getting better. Honestly, I would first recommend the drone that we speak about in this Post. It will not be delivered until June or July because its a kickstarter program. Its called the KuDrone. Its perfect for newbies because it has tech that will help it fly automatically as you move or hike while filming 4K quality stills and video. It follows your GPS signal in your smart phone. IT also has stabilizing features and others to make it easier.

      I cannot agree more that DRONEs are far, far more difficult to fly than people first think. I did the same thing and bought a drone (a beginner cheap drone) a few years ago from Amazon and I crashed it many times. It was super hard to fly and that sort of turned me off to the idea.

      But, my desire and live for drones never left and I bought another drone. It flew better but was also a cheap one. Amazon has the best selection and lowest prices for drones so we highly recommend you link over to Amazon from one of our many Amazon links on http://www.4KADVICE.com and read reviews and search for drones on Amazon.

      Another tip I found is that the higher priced drone that you buy, the easier it is to fly. For example, I ended up buying a 4th drone…from an auction. I won a great deal on it otherwise I would NOT have spent $1,500 which is what the drone was priced at. I only paid about $75. Needless to say, I was afraid to fly this professional drone. It had a camera underneath it which swiveled upon my controls. It was amazing, but not 4K. Only HD which is good enough for a hobby.

      Flying drones is a great hobby. Because technology is getting better for drones, you can buy a quality, easy to fly drone for less money.

      Back to my expensive drone I won on an auction….I finally sucked it up and flew it a few days ago. I was AMAZED at how much easier it was to fly than any of my prior drones. This was because it was more expensive and had more features and help tools while flying. I flew it as if I was a professional.

      Practice is all it takes with any drone. The more you fly the easier it gets. Report back to us if you buy one and start this hobby. Please use our Amazon link to get to Amazon and buy a drone that way…it would really help to support our site. Thanks again and below are some other helpful posts. – Matt


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