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4K UHD Beats 1080 HDTV When Compared

What we mean by this is simple.  A 4K Ultra HD Television is far, far better than any 1080 HD Television.  The reason is verified ‘under the hood’.  By this we mean that when you open the ‘hood’ of a car you find the engine.  Well, the engine of a flat panel TV contains pixels within its resolution.

A 4K TV contains FOUR TIME MORE pixels than what is found in a 1080 HD TV.  This makes a very powerful television.

Scientists who worked at SONY were able to squeeze FOUR tiny little pixels into the size of what would be equal to only ONE pixel inside a 1080 HD TV.  What this means is FOUR times better clarity, sharpness, color, depth, contrast, etc. etc.

So, when you first watch a real, native 4K- made film on a new 4K UHD TV it will blow your mind how crystal clear and awesome the picture image is.  It will be like nothing you have ever seen before.  It is truly amazing to watch and such a thrill.

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In other Posts on www.4kadvice.com we get into great detail about a film being REAL or FAKE 4K.  To explain in simple terms for this Post all we mean is that a film is either filmed using 2K camera systems or 4K camera systems.  If a 4K camera is used, then a REAL, genuine top-of-the-line 4K film is created.

If only a 2K camera was used, producers can still enhance this film and increase the resolution using all of the extra pixels found in a 4K display.  This is called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING.  Often times a producer will upscale a film or TV show and then label it “4K”.

Techically, this is not a real 4K film and many people become disappointed when they watch an upscaled film on their new 4K UHD TV and the picture image is not that great.  This is because they are unaware that the film was only upscaled.  It is not real, true 4K made using 4K camera systems.

It ‘pays’ to be educated….even about televisions.  People spend a lot of money on new TVs, therefore they deserve to be educated in order that they be able to make an informed purchase decision.

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This is where we come into play.  This site 4KADVICE.com was designed with only one goal in mind:  To edcuate people about 4K Ultra HD TVs.  To teach them the facts so that they can purchase the right television for their home.  

Back in 2013, we wanted more information about 4K TVs, but could not find anything worth while on line.  There was nothing available to educate us.  Therefore, we went in blind and spent $2,900 on a 65-inch 4K UHD SONY TV.  We still own and watch this TV to this day and it is amazing.  However, we knew nothing at the time.

We do not want this to happen to you.

There is no other way to put this.  If you own an HDTV, which 95% of us do, then your TV is obsolete.  You are NOT watching the biggest and best television set any longer.  Who would have ever thought that the picture quality would get much better than 1080 HD?  I certainly did not expect this anytime soon.  We can always hope for better technology.  Ever since the computer was created technology has snow-balled faster than our little pea-brains can handle.

We welcome this new technology even though most of us might not be ready to switch over to a 4K UHD TV.  I happened to make this change in 2014 closer to when they first hit the shelves.  I did so after seeing a demo showing native 4K content on a 4K UHD TV.   It was astounding.  It was absolutely breath-taking and amazing picture quality.  I could not believe how much better 4K was than what my older 1080 HDTV was showing.

Price was an issue in the past with 4K since the technology was so new.  This is always the protocol with new technology and televisions.  Prices start super high the newer the TV and technology is.  Soon thereafter, prices drop significantly.  By late 2016, prices will have dropped drastically and made buying a new 4K UHD TV affordable again just like 1080 HD TVs became affordable after that change over from Standard Definition (SD).

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