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4K TIPS AND TERMS (revisited)

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Get Acquainted With 4K UHD   4K Ultra High-Definition television, or 4K Ultra HD  (its really the same thing), is the next generation of display technology for the home, offering an incredibly immersive viewing experience with superior picture quality.   With more than eight million pixels of resolution, more colors, and higher contrast, 4K Ultra HD is the closest thing …

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  START HERE…………. We are constantly updating our site  ( because of how fast technology is moving.  Especially when it comes to 4K Television technology. We created this site several years ago because we saw the need to educate people about 4K, so that they can make informed purchase decisions. We did this based on the fact, that in 2014 …

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  What The Heck Is A 4K Ultra HD TV? We are getting this question a lot in the comments section.  Let’s get off to a great start and address this right now!  For starters, this is nothing to think of as ‘complex’.  Technically, it might be complex, but all you need to know as a consumer is that 4K …

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Where To Go From Here – 4K TV So, you know a thing or two about the UHD 4K TV and now you are ready to make a purchase.  You would like to buy your first 4K TV setup and replace your family room 1080 HD TV.  This is a wise decision and you will not regret it! You will make amazing memories …

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BEST 4K TVs IN 2018 (some 2017 models)

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Below Are The Best 4K TVs {NO, THIS IS NOT WHAT YOUR NEW TV WILL LOOK LIKE ABOVE!} The days of analog and standard definition are far, far gone.  Thank God we are past this type of technology, if you want to call it that.  Today, we now have 4K Ultra High Definition (4K UHD) televisions available for sale.   …

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  4K UHD Beats 1080 HDTV When Compared What we mean by this is simple.  A 4K Ultra HD Television is far, far better than any 1080 HD Television.  The reason is verified ‘under the hood’.  By this we mean that when you open the ‘hood’ of a car you find the engine.  Well, the engine of a flat panel …

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The Best 4K TVs You Can Get For Under $500

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  Less Than $500 For A New 4K Ultra HD TV There is no doubt that 4K TVs are incredibly awesome!  If you have never viewed one, then you need to go to your local electronics store  (Best Buy or even Walmart) and request a demo.  You are missing out. Not only is this another TV Watching enhancement….but it is …

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  Blow Your Friends Away With A 4K UHD TV   Everyone likes to ‘one-up’ their neighbors.  In this case, with a new 4K Ultra HD TV….you would be doing more than impressing your friends and neighbors.  Most likely, your neighbors and friends do NOT own a 4K TV.  Perhaps, one friend might.  But, for the most part….4K TVs are …

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  Does A Curved TV Really Make A Difference?   When curved TVs first came out, they were all the hype.  Many consumers with plenty of disposable income went out right away and bought one.  Other households splurged in order to be the show-off of the neighborhood.  You have to admit, Curved TVs look very cool. But, do they offer …

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  What Is Upscaling? Upscaling is also known as “upconverting”.  To explain in simple terms what this is…just think of any movie or TV show being digitally enhanced.   This basically means that the producers will take any 720 or 1080HD  (these are the minimum requirements for a film to be upscaled;   They cannot upscale a Standard Definition (SD) …